Japanese AV idol Eri Kikuchi 菊池えり aka Mai Akimoto, Eriko Ishikaw and Yumiko Hino

Japanese AV idol Eri Kikuchi 菊池えり aka Mai Akimoto, Eriko Ishikaw and Yumiko Hino nude photos leaked

Eri Kikuchi (aka Mai Akimoto, Eriko Ishikaw and Yumiko Hino) started off in the sex industry in the early 80s in hotels and soap lands, and also appeared in underground porn films. Appearing in her first official AV in 1985, Eri was among the first stars have their career built around their breasts during JAV’s “Big Bust Boom”. Eri also appeared in numerous photo books, mainly with BDSM and rope bondage themes. By 2003 she worked as a lecturer/demonstrator at the AV Cultures School (sounds way more fun than my parochial school), and at the end of 2004 at age 39 Eri made a comeback with a series of mature videos.

Japanese AV idol Eri Kikuchi 菊池えり

Eri Kikuchi (Japanese: 菊池えり / 菊池エリ Hepburn: Kikuchi Eri) is a pink film actress and an early Japanese AV idol of the 1980s.

Kikuchi was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan on April 5, 1965. She started as a fuzoku (sex industry) girl in hotels and soaplands and also made appearances in several underground pornographic films. Her official AV debut was at age twenty in the video Beautiful D-Cup Girl, Sister L, released in September 1985 by CineMagic. Kikuchi has been called the first adult video performer whose career was built around her exceptionally large breasts for that time in Japan. The Big Bust genre, or “Kyonyu Boom” (巨乳ブーム?), which Kikuchi pioneered would be set “on fire” at the end of the 1980s with the debut of Kimiko Matsuzaka in 1989, and become established as a major genre of adult entertainment in Japan in the 1990s.

Kikuchi’s pink film debut was with Million Film in their Miss 20 Year-Old Momoko (ミス20才 快感!百合子の本番?) in 1986. In August of the same year, she starred in a pink film for Shintoho Eiga, Eri Kikuchi: Big Tits (菊池エリ 巨乳 Kikuchi Eri Kyonyu?). This film has Kikuchi playing “Eri”, a nude model and AV actress who becomes romantically involved with her manager. In 1988 she starred in one of Nikkatsu’s last Roman Porno films, Eri Kikuchi: Big Tits Blame (菊池エリ 巨乳責め Kikuchi Eri: Kyonyuzeme?), and in 1993 she would star in another theatrical Big-Bust title (巨乳熟女 本番仕込み), for Excess Films, Nikkatsu’s post-Roman Porno line of theatrical softcore pornography. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Kikuchi also appeared in a number of photobooks, mostly with the BDSM theme of rope bondage.

In 2003, she was working as a lecturer/demonstrator at the AV Cultures School, a school started by male AV actor, Shinji Kubo, to train future AV directors.

By December 2004 Kikuchi, aged 39, had returned to AV with a series of videos for Madonna, a studio specializing in “mature” actresses. She also performed in Mourning Dress Slave / Eri Kikuchi in July 2005 for CineMagic, the AV company she had made her début with 20 years previously.

As of 2013, Eri Kikuchi was billed at the Nagoya fashion health Nishiki VIP Toshima.