Japanese former AV idol Momoka Nishina 仁科百華

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Japanese former AV idol Momoka Nishina 仁科百華

Japanese former AV idol Momoka Nishina 仁科百華




















Momoka Nishina (仁科百華 Nishina Momoka) is a Japanese former AV idol who was born on May 24, 1991 in Tokyo. Her bust measurement is 100 centimetres (39 in), and she wears a metric J-cup bra.

She made her adult video (AV) debut in October 2010. Nishina was a very prolific performer, appearing in over 800 works, more than half of them being omnibus compilations of previous videos. Nishina, who performed mostly in the “big bust” (巨乳) genre, worked for many AV companies including Rookie, Moodyz, Crystal-Eizou, Glory Quest, TMA, Waap Entertainment and Wanz Factory.

In 2012, when the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM held a poll of its customers to choose the 100 all-time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th anniversary of adult videos in Japan, Nishina finished in 16th place. Nishina announced her retirement from the AV industry on May 28, 2013 on her official blog.

Nishina starred, along with fellow AV Idol Nana Nanami, in the January 2013 pink film Hitozuma sekando bājin watashi o osotte kudasai (人妻セカンドバージン 私を襲って下さい?), directed by Hideo Jōjō. She also appeared in the November 2013 feature film Sunk into the Womb (子宮に沈める).

DOB: May 24, 1991
Height: 5’5″ (166cm)
Measurements: 39-23-35″ (100-58-88cm)

仁科百華(日语:にしな ももか,1991年5月24日-)是日本的AV女優,所屬片商為MOODYZ 。出身於日本東京都。於2010年透過在經紀公司工作的朋友介紹,正式出道拍攝AV。2013年5月28日在部落格上發表引退消息。